Medical Genetics Services
Customized Services
Xcelris "Customized Service" is based on a team of dedicated researchers having expertise in Gene expression assays and technologies. We provide comprehensive research services to suit your needs. Our knowledge, expertise and infrastructure is accessible to interested researchers, who seek to implement state-of-the-art technology, enabling accurate detection and quantification of nucleic acids.

We offer genomic studies on high-throughput, micro-well based LightCycler 480 Real-Time PCR. The platform provides a perfect blend of speed, accuracy and versatility, providing novel thermal cycling and data capture technologies to achieve outstanding temperature homogeneity, assay reproducibility, increased sensitivity and yield for your real-time PCR applications whether detection is done with SYBR Green or with sequence-specific probes.
Xcelris "Customized Service" offers the following advantages
•   Highly standardized PCR process
•   This technology offers to flexibly switch between 96 or 384-well plate formats.
Currently we offer the following services
Plasmid/PCR Sequencing Services   |   r-E.coli Culture Sequencing Services   |   Primer Walk Sequencing
Microsatellite Genotyping   |   SNP Genotyping by Sequencing on ABI3730xl   |   SNP Genotyping by SNaPshot Assay
Microbial identification services   |   Customized Services
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