Medical Genetics Services
SNP Genotyping by Sanger Sequencing on ABI3730xl
Cat. No: SNP-RRP09

SNPs are very important markers and are most abundant resource of genetic variation among individuals of a species. It is used in evolutionary genetics, disease susceptibility genes, personalized medicine and forensics.

Sample requirement:
2-5μg of gDNA with quality report ,primer information for amplification of locus in which SNP is to be identified with standardized conditions, SNP information per sample and reference sequence.

The process includes:
•   Assay primer design based on gene sequence from data base.
•   PCR amplification and purification of amplicon.
•   High-throughput automated DNA Sequencing using ABI 3730xl.
•   Sequence trace alignment and editing.

Raw data files consist of chromatogram, FASTA files and report containing SNP list with minor allelic frequency.
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