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Primer Walk Sequencing Services
Cat No.: SEQ-04
Primer walking is a step-by-step sequencing method of choice for sequencing DNA fragments between 2 and 4 kilobases. Such fragments are too long to be sequenced in a single sequence read using Sanger Sequencing method.

•   Primer design and synthesis.
•   BAC/Fosmid DNA isolation and sequencing with interim primers.
•   Universal primer details used for sequencing.
•   Q20 read length up to 800 bases with ABI or SCF, FASTA file.
•   Quality control analysis reports.

Sample Requirement:
4 to 8 μg of purified PCR product (1-4 kb) / plasmid (10 kb) with insert size up to 3-4 kb/glycerol stock of culture, details of inserted gene size and gene information, vector details, customer specified primers, conc.= 10 pmole/μl ( μM), volume- 20μl and Tm of the primers.

Turn Around Time:
10-15 days from the receipt of sample to Xcelris premises. Turn around time for primer walk will depend on number and size of the insert DNA.

Q20 read length up to 800 bases with ABI or SCF, FASTA file.
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