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SNP Genotyping by SNaPshot assay
Cat. No: SNP-RRP09

SNaPshot multiplex kit is an ABI PRISM chemistry designed to interrogate up to five single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) at known locations on one to five template in a single tube. The chemistry is based on the dideoxy single-base extension of an unlabelled oligonucleotide primer (or primers); each primer binds to a complementary template in the presence of fluorescently labeled ddNTPs and AmpliTaq DNA Polymerase; the polymerase extends the primer just by one nucleotide, adding a single ddNTP to its 3' end. Results are visualized by electrophoresis of samples on ABI 3730xl and data are analyzed with Gene Mapper software using LIZ 100 fragments std.

Sample type or requirement:
Purified PCR product-20μl of 10-20 ng/μl per sample, SNP information per sample and reference sequence.

The process includes:
Primer designing: SNP specific SNaPshot primers will be designed and synthesized.
•   Quality analysis of the amplicon.
•   SNaPshot reaction preparation.
•   Electrophoresis of sample on 3730xl DNA analyzer.
•   Data analysis with Gene Mapper software.

Report consists of SNP identified in each sample with zygosity information for each sample.
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