Medical Genetics Services
r-E.coli Culture Sequencing Services
Cat No.: SEQ-02

•   r-E. coli culture containing plasmid DNA, propagation in test tubes or in 96 deep well culture plates.
•   Plasmid DNA isolation (with XcelGen kit) and its quality check.
•   Sequencing of DNA with client specific primer or universal primer using Sanger sequencing

Sample Requirement:
E.coli culture - 96-well bacterial culture in 200μl LB media /antibiotic markers /culture plates/ glycerol stock, details of inserted gene size and gene information, vector details, customer specified primers, conc.= 10 pmole/μl ( μM), volume- 10 μl and Tm of the primers.

Turn Around Time:
5-6 working days from the receipt of sample to Xcelris premises.

Q20 read length up to 800 bases with ABI or SCF, FASTA file.
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