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Whole Genome Sequencing
The knowledge of DNA sequences, of the genome of organisms has become inevitable for basic research. Next generation sequencing has overcome barriers and limitations of conventional Sanger sequencing. NGS has made a major impact in genomic sciences and pharmacogenomic research. High throughput technologies and technological advances have significantly reduced the cost and time for a complete analysis of the whole genome. The increased availability of high quality genome sequences for various species offer new opportunities for studying genetic and structural variations like, Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNPs), Copy Number Variations (CNVs), insertions, deletions, gene ontology, pathway analysis and other genome wide association studies (GWAS) that can affect gene regulatory pathways and signaling networks.

At Xcelris, we perform both denovo and reference based sequencing using multiple set of libraries like Paired End and Mate Paired libraries using various NGS technologies. For non-model organism denovo genome assembly is performed on High Performing Computing Cluster (HPCC) using Velvet/Ray/SOAPdenovo/gsAssembler or CLC Genomics Workbench to assemble genome into contigs and scaffolds. The inhouse XGC‐ FillGap pipeline is used to reduce N's in assembled scaffolds by using the paired reads. Comprehensive annotation pipeline integrated with various functional and structural databases like NCBI nr, uniprotKB, JCVI_CMR, TIGR and COG databases is used to decipher the genome. For model organism reference based sequencing is perform on HPCC using BWA / Bowtie / gsMapper /SOAPaligner and CLC Genomics Workbench to map reads on reference genome and SNP discovery.

We provide Whole Genome Sequencing services on various platforms like Illumina HiSeq 2000/2500, NextSeq500, MiSeq, Roche GS FLX+ and SOLiD 4 including project scope, technology selection, data requirements, data generation to high quality draft genome assembly and submission support. We have developed expertise in generation of quality data for animals, plants, bacteria, virus, fungus and mitochondrial genomes. High throughput NGS technology allows multiplexing, to study multiple indexed/barcoded samples in a single flow cell/silde/chip/plate.
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