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Small RNA Sequencing
Small RNA profiling is evolving into an exciting new frontier in genomics research. Next generation sequencing technologies provide an accurate depiction of miRNA expression profiles, thereby revealing the complexity and mode of miRNA regulation. The expression profiling of miRNAs could be an effective strategy for miRNA target identification. Additionally, miRNA profiles are increasingly being recognized as biomarkers in the field of cancer research, as recent studies have shown, that in all types of cancers, these tiny miRNAs are virtually lost or downregulated. Small RNA profiling services are provided on Illumina HiSeq 2000 (1x50 bp), NextSeq500, MiSeq (1x50 bp) and SOLiD 4 (35 bp) platforms. Small RNA profiling is usually carried out for model organisms, whose reference genome is available. As part of our discovery strategy, at Xcelris, we use rule‐based approach to predict pre‐miRNAs from the NGS data using a reference genome. Using homology / denovo based approach, Xcelris has developed a pipeline for small RNA profiling of non‐model organisms were the closest species is considered as a reference. Xcelris provides micro/small RNA expression & discovery services with simple and robust means to convert the small RNA into a library of double‐stranded DNA molecules.
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