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Genome Database Development Service
In NGS, a large amount of data is being generated assembled, annotated & comparative analysis is being carried out. Therefore it is most essential to consolidate all the relevant information obtained by NGS analysis in database format. Xcelris Genomics aim to construct a powerful database with excellent interface for users. Xcelris Genomics database development team has developed a series of useful genome database, integration, RNA database. So far, over 15 important genome databases have been successfully constructed and well maintained. These databases and services, such as rice, silkworm, chicken, cattle, human etc., have been widely used by researchers around the world.

Accordingly, Xcelris Genomics has accumulated rich experience in building genomics databases, constructing related applications, and developing genome browser platforms for providing customized solution to each customers need.
Some database we have developed are as below:
Jute Transcriptome Database
Whole Genome Sequencing   |    Whole Transcriptome Sequencing / RNA-Seq   |    Small RNA Sequencing
Genotyping By Sequencing(GBS)   |    Metagenomics and Metatranscriptomics Services
Mitochondrial DNA Sequencing   |    Tilling and Eco-Tilling   |    Genome Database Development Service
Exome Sequencing Service   |    eQTL
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