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Agarose HiPure
Cat No.: XGA-100 • Pack Size: 100 gms
Cat No.: XGA-500 • Pack Size: 500 gms
Cat No.: XGA-5k • Pack Size: 500 gms X10

Agarose is polysaccharide obtained from agar. It is suitable for DNA and RNA electrophoresis. It is free from DNase, RNase and protease.

EEO: ≤0.13
Gelling Point: 36°C ± 1.5°C (1.5% gel)
Melting Point: 88°C + 1.5°C (1.5% gel)
Moisture: ≤10%
Gel Strength: ≥1200 g/cm2 (1% gel)
Sulfate: ≤0.20%
DNase/RNase: None Detected

Cat No.: XGGly-100 • Pack Size: 100ml

Glycerol gradients can be used in the purification of bacteriophage or proteins. This is anhydrous glycerol with a purity of >99.9%

Purity: >99.9%,
Calcium: <2ppm,
Magnesium: <1ppm,
Lead: <5ppm,
Zinc: <1ppm,
A260 at 10%:<0.05,
A280 at 10%:<0.05

RNA Protectant Solution
Cat No.: XGRPS-1 • Pack Size: 2ml(20X)

RNA protectant solution is a unique storage medium that preserves isolated total RNA, mRNA, miRNA samples. RNA protectant solution allows for long-term stabilization of RNA samples with easy sample recovery by adding nuclease-free water. RNA protectant solution minimize base hydrolysis by chelating free cations from solution.

• Ship and store purified RNA
• Add water for rapid sample recovery
• Ready to use RNA
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tms RNA Stabilizer
Cat No.: XGtms-100 • Pack Size: 100ml

RNA stabilizer is useful for protecting tissue RNA from endogenous as well as exogenous RNAases. It works on all samples like plants, microbes and animals tissues.

At Room Temperature: 3 days
At -20°C: For several months

Immediate RNA stabilization and protection
Reliable gene expression and gene catalog data
No need for liquid hydrogen or dry ice
No risk of RNA degradation while transportation.
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